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Available Puppies!!

AKC Hayes Chihuahuas Chihuahua Breeding per AKC Standards

Carolina and Java shall be parents soon,
what a blessing this shall be! Please feel free to contact me at the phone number below.

Carol, from Maryland, please call me as I have not
recieved your shipping money.

Also.....Maria, please contact my sister because I need
to get Tanya her papers, since she has moved and I do not
know her new address.
I love you Maria, Tanya and Jasmin!

Hayes Chihuahuas may be contacted by the phone number of:

(419) 668-8508
P.O. Box 196
Milan, Ohio 44846

Thank you Kindly,
Laurie Hayes

h and 9 oz. at six weeks should weigh 2 pounds as an adult.
 An average chihuahu                    a Mail To: laurieslyngo10645@yahoo.comome that is when knowing your genitic makeup, and other factors come into play..
This is just an example of how this chart works.
AKC Hayes Chihuahuas Chihuahua Breeding per AKC Standards

Hoosier Mama and Java are proud
parents of 2 georgous girls.

Sweet Pea and Java have a special anouncement as well....
October 22nd